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The Architectas a prostitute

FRANCE-HONGRIE Janvier 2018-JUIN 2019

Team leaders: Keimpke Zigterman, Veerle Rigter

Team: Paul Bourne-Madelenat, Miryam Yakub Aga, Aisha Nadim , Abdul Saleem

Over a set of three different installations, this performative trio represent the central idea that - much like a prostitute - an architect must sell themselves to their clients. More than that, in fact, such professionals must also sell their ideas, their personalities and even their souls. The first of the installations is a glass case not unlike the windows of a red light district, referencing the need for an architect to showcase themselves to the world in order to make a living. The second is a billboard, a place for announcements of events and workshops that were taking place during the week-long festival at Hello Wood. Lastly is the chair of judgement, inspired by the need to judge and the desire to be judged through social media platforms - a like or a retweet akin to the currency of a successful architect.

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